In 2016 we formed Rising Appalachia a charitable and educational organization.  RAW programs and Solid Ground Farm are now operated by Rising Appalachia to achieve this shared mission:

Through education, demonstration, and community exchange, Rising Appalachia supports a regional culture based on sustainable natural resources providing for economic activity, collective needs, and individual health and enjoyment.

To achieve this end, Rising Appalachia manages a research and demonstration farm developing agriculture practices that rely on local renewable inputs, conserve and improve soil, sequester carbon, create habitat for native species, and produce high quality food.

Solid Ground Farm is also a sustainable recreation and event center offering education workshops, fun and engaging outdoor events, and more.

Rising Appalachia also runs the Rising Appalachian Warriors (RAW) Summer Day Camps and other RAW youth programs.  RAW programs are designed to engage youth in exciting and rewarding outdoor activities that foster a greater appreciation for the natural world.  Participants enjoy fun outdoor adventure games and activities and learn practical skills such as farming, cooking, and crafts using natural resources, as they explore the natural world.
As a 501(c)(3) charitable organization we are happy to accept donations to help us accomplish our mission. Please, contact Executive Director, Weston Lombard, with inquiries: 740-856-6299 or

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