Facility Use/Party Rental

slacklineMake your next party a RAW Party with obstacle courses, sword fights, swimming, slip and slides, camp fires, and more.

We offer youth and adult birthday party packages, special event rental for family reunions, pig roasts, or weekend retreats, and obstacle course team building sessions for businesses, families, or groups of any kind, as well as weekday facility use rentals.  Check rates and packages below or click on the links above.  Call to discuss weddings and other more involved events.

RAW  Youth Birthday Parties:

Choose a weekend time (call or email to confirm available days and times):
12:00 – 2:30pm
3:00 – 5:30pm
6 – 8:30pm
Weekdays are more flexible.

Choose 2 fun activities from the following lists:

Activities available at base rate:

Obstacle Course Challenge, Sword Fighting Battle, Field Games, Swimming and Free Play, Gym Movement Games, Primitive Shelter Building, Adventure Nature Walks.

Activities with additional fees:

Sword making: $7/child (children keep the swords)
Giant Slip and Slide: $50
Wood Fired Cooking: Pizza or flat bread: $7/child
Scavenger Hunt: $75

Use the Cabin at Solid Ground Farm or the outdoor pavilion for enjoying birthday cake and food, opening presents, etc. Full kitchen and refrigerator use included in base fee. Outside food and drink welcome.  We take care of set-up and clean-up, so you can relax and enjoy the fun.

Base Rates:

1 – 14 Children: $250
15 – 22 Children: $300
$10/per additional child above 22

RAW Grown Up Parties

Looking for a fun, private place to celebrate a birthday, holiday, family reunion, or special occasion?  Solid Ground Farm offers a fully furnished cabin with kitchen, bathroom, and two bedrooms, two outdoor wood fired ovens, a covered pavilion with picnic tables, an obstacle course, swimming ponds, game field, gym/martial arts studio, campsites, and more, all for your enjoyment.

Choose from the following packages:

4 Hour RAW Adventure Party: $400 (supervised)
Let the RAW Adventure Staff lead you through our obstacle course and group team building challenges, organize fun field games or sword fights, lead you on an informative nature walk or sustainable farm tour, or other activities to suit your interests.  Includes fire wood and preparation for using outdoor oven.  Give us a call and plan the adventure.

4 Hour Party Rental: $300 (unsupervised)
Includes private use of full facility, half hour tour and orientation, and camp fire.
Clean up by RAW staff included.

-Child supervision:  $20/hr per staff
Let one of our RAW Adventure Staff entertain and educate the little ones while you enjoy the party (no children under 3 years old)  One staff per 8 kids 3-5 years old, one staff per 15 kids 7 years old and up.
-Wood fired Pizzas: $10/person ($100 minimum)
-Giant Slip and Slide: $50
-Farm raised bratwurst or hamburger barbecue: $10/person ($100 minimum)

-One of a kind Solid Ground Farm Premium Wood Fired Pig Roast: $1,850
Feed your clan with premium pasture raised pork, slow smoked in a masonry oven.  A one of a kind experience for the ultimate party.

Let us take care of the whole two day process: $1,850

or provide any of the below yourself and deduct that expense:

-Oven ready pasture raised pig (feeds approximately 200 people.  Take the leftovers home with you): $650
-Seasoned hardwood firewood (two pickup truck loads): $200
-Twenty four hour fire tenders/cooks (2 people): $700
-Cooked pig processing and serving: $200
-Sauces, buns, dinnerware, etc: $100

Obstacle Course/Team Building Group Adventure

Our experienced RAW Adventure Staff will lead your group through a perilous series of challenges and obstacles, creating tight bonds and great memories…  among the survivors. Activities focus on developing trust, open communication, group cohesion, and leadership skills.  All obstacle are challenge by choice and are suitable for most fitness levels.   They are designed to maximize perceived risk and minimize actual risk in a safe and fun environment.

Packages and Pricing:

Group Adventure (approximately 2 hrs of programming followed by 1 hr of socializing)
-After a half hour of ice breaker games, trust activities, and safety procedures, groups are led through a series of group challenges on our obstacle course, including: scaling a 10 foot wall as a group, group teeter totter, lava escape giant swing, spider web pass through, blind folded mazes, and other group initiatives.  Each activity includes discussion of communication, leadership, and team building topics and reflection/debrief afterwards. Following the 2 hours of activities the group can use the cabin or pavilion to socialize, hold a meeting, or relax and enjoy refreshments.

1-12 people: $250
13-20 people: $300
$20 per additional participant above 20
-Includes light refreshments.

-Wood fired pizzas $10/person ($100 minimum)
-Bratwurst or hamburger barbecue with sides: $15/person ($100 minimum)
-Sustainability farm tour and discussion: $50

Weekday Facility Rental

Bring the family over to play in the gym or on the obstacle course, invite friends for a swim and a cookout, or relax in the hot tub then catch up on some office work.  You can have the run of the place, including kitchen, office space, hot tub, ponds, obstacle course, gym, wood fired ovens, etc, as long as you clean up after yourself.

-Add child supervision or supervised games, workouts (with a personal trainer), or obstacle course runs for $20/hr.
-Wood for fires available for purchase


email: rawarriors@gmail.com or call Weston Lombard at 740-856-6299 for inquiries or bookings.