Educational Activities Schedule

12pm to 5pm: Hewing with Handtools: the Ancient Way to Turn Trees to Timber.  Open work session with Ben Stewart and Mark Jacobs. Stop by and lend a hand on a timber framing project and learn some tricks of the trade.

1pm: Solid Ground Farm Tour and Mulberry Agroforestry Talk with Weston Lombard.  Experience a decade of permaculture, forest gardening, mushroom cultivation, natural building, and homesteading in a one hour tour and see why Weston is obsesses with mulberry trees.

2pm: Solar Electric Tractor Demo and Wagon Ride with Randall Gabriel of Athena Solar.  Thanks to a grant from Upgrade Athens, we’ve built a fossil fuel free tractor that doubles as a mobile electric generator to power tools on the the back forty or bring music to a small festival.

3pm: Guided Woods Walk with Naturalist Lawrence Greene,  Lawrence will introduce you to our native flora and fauna and show you the stomping grounds of our RAW Campers.

4pm: Yoga with Athens Yoga

5pm: Designing and Planting a Food Forest: Perennial Food Systems with Erik Peterson of Wood & Stone.  Sit down for a visual tour of forest gardening from practitioner and designer Erik Peterson.  Workshop is in the Cabin living room.

6pm: Obstacle Course Race.  Come watch the show.

7pm: Biogas Demo with Kyle Look of Squeaky Duck Farmstead.  Learn an easy, low-cost, DIY system to turn organic matter and farm waste into cooking fuel (methane gas).

8pm: Yoga with Athens Yoga 

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